Studies in Energy – a waxing moon.

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Waking up this morning, I noticed that I felt differently. It was like an expansion had occurred in my consciousness. It wasn’t until a little later, after having let our dog out (and let her back in) that I came to reflect upon this sensation. I’d come across it before.
I wondered if it could have something to do with a new moon phase setting in?

Checking  my moon phase calender: YES! I had been spot on.
A first quarter moon had occurred last night.
This expansion was similar to what I’ve written about in this post in regards to not having “any limit” – or mental frame – to hold on to any longer. The first quarter moon energy differs in the regard that there is less of a”forced” or restricted feeling. Instead, there’s so much space that the mind can’t really handle it. =)
Therefore, the motto for this energy – that will last until the full moon on April 4th – is to hold on we sometimes have to let go. =)

On a physical level, the first quarter moon energy can feel like a light pressure in the upper front part of the head, almost like the light headache you can get from very intense chemical smells.
Also, it seems that there’s a heightened sensitivity to light in the physical eye. The eyes, in this energy also seem to have a tendency to flicker about, like a candle in the wind. However, this stops as soon as attention is directed inwardly.

Which brings us to the point of this energy.
The physical eye has a spiritual counterpart; the third eye, the sixth sense, inner vision – it goes by many names. And the energy of a waxing moon, when the light (literally and metaphorically) is increasing, is a opportune time to come into contact with this deep inner wisdom we all have access to.

In the coming days, you might be feeling as if your energy is being sent in a multitude of different directions and this might confuse you. Where are the limits? =)
If this is the case, try to direct you gaze inwardly. Observe what happens there. What happens when you shift your focus from the outer realm to the inner realm. Experiment with the ability to “see beyond the walls in front of you”, as Bruce so beautifully puts it in one on his songs.





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