Journeys: Finland

Our view for the coming two weeks...

Our view for the coming two weeks…

Monday afternoon we will be setting the sails for Finland and the cabin that my fiancé’s family have at the banks of a lake there. We will be “going into the woods” or “under the cloak.”

We call the cabin in Finland our “cave” as this is the place we go to whenever we need to find back to that eternal force within ourselves. It is a place to seek solitude, silence, the eternal presence.

I long for the crackling of the fire, the vastness of the silence. A silence that bring out everything, my fears, my loves. My despair and my hope. It is a place for encountering one’s true self as all “extreme” environments or events can reveal to us. Writing this, I remember when walking the Camino de Santiago in 2009, after a depression and a complete turn-over of my life, I met a man in a small town in the Spanish countryside. He was, or had been, a successful music producer from the UK now living in Spain. We came to talking and he mentioned this exactly, just as I’d experienced myself. That it is at the extremes that man or woman truly comes to know themselves.

Have a magical Monday!

PS: I will be posting new posts for the duration of the two-weeks. However, as they are pre-planned, be aware that I won’t be able to answer any comments (thought I’d love to have some to come home to =) ) or queries.


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