10 Dreams for April…

This time I thought I’d try to make a collage with some of my dreams for this month. I think the first try here turned out pretty okay! If you want, take a look at the 10 dreams I had for February and March as well.

Speaking of March, all my wishes came true. Except no. 1 , but there will be plenty of time and room for that this month, too. And perhaps it’s even better suited for this month.


Dreams for April. Now trying out the collage... =)

Dreams for April. Now trying out the collage… =) 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8, 9 , 10: see below.

My ten wishes for this month are:

1. Travelling to Finland.
On Monday afternoon, April 6th, I will travel with my fiancé and Miss Saari (our dog) to Finland for a two-week stay at my fiancé’s family’s cabin in one of the Finnish woods near Lahti. (So this dream has actually almost come true=)).
I’ve been dreaming of star-gazing from the little bridge in front of the cabin, on the lake. It’s such a beautiful sight lying there at night. Stars below and above you.
I also dream of taking some time to be creative while we are there. I want to edit a couple of photographs, start reading a book about Reiki (I’ve been thinking of taking a course in it) and I have an idea for a “creative e-course” that I want to explore and many other ideas. All this besides spending time with my fiancé, our dog and simply getting up in the morning, putting on a fire and waking up over a cup of tea.

2. A new, smaller wallet like the one pictured above. The old one I have is falling apart…

3. Another pair of Levi’s Demi Curve jeans. I love the pair I was gifted by my mom. So much so that I have to invest in another pair.

4. I’d like to take my fiancé out to dinner at Jamie’s Italian here in Stockholm and for example treat him to one of their wonderful entrees (which we both love).

5. I’ve recently become a member of a blogger-network here in Sweden, by the name of betterbloggers (betterbloggers.se) and they (or we) are having the first real-life meetup later this month. And I think I’d like to go!

6. I just fell in love with some of the hues of the Essie Bridal Collections 2015. This lavender nailpolish + a babyblue one I think I might have to acquire for both spring-wear and wedding gown. =)

7. I’d also like to continue my online sewing course; and I am contemplating buying this pattern for a birthday dress for myself. (My birthday is in May.)

8. I’d like some time to begin writing on an idea for a short story.

9. I would also like to continue the apartment clearing/cleaning project, continuing with clearing out my vanity for things I no longer use.

10. And… do some more wedding planning. ❤ (Strongly supported by my super-planner-and-wonderful mom.)

What are your dreams for April? 


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