Thoughts: On frequency and the vibrations we send out.


I touched a little upon the theme of frequency here, but I felt like I wanted to elaborate upon my understanding of it. When I mention frequency it is in connection with the vibrations we, as human beings, individually as well as collectively, operate on. Or oscillate at.

Frequency, in this sense of the word, points toward the vibrations we send out in the form of thoughts.

It’s a basic principle of physics (resonance) that when one object (e.g. a person) vibrates at a certain frequency as the same natural frequency of a second object (the thought thought of) this forces that second object into vibrational motion. (That is, into reality. As quantum physics has begun to prove as a fact). In new age terms, this is what is called the law of attraction.

In short, thoughts become reality. Thoughts are not free. All have a consequence.

It’s somewhat easy to experiment with the effects of thoughts and the energetic states that they create. Before trying the exercise posted in tomorrow’s post, I’d advise to first do this grounding exercise. Preferably both today and before the practical tomorrow. =)



2 thoughts on “Thoughts: On frequency and the vibrations we send out.

  1. Like the reminder about what we “send out.”

    And I recognize what you are describing also in the moon cycle when the moon orbits through the Earth’s magnetotail once per month – at the full moon. There is a resonance on Earth through this connection that some of us notice and others do not – the “full moon effect.”

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