Healing Crystals – Amber.

Amber - the gold of the sea.

Amber – the gold of the sea.

As the new moon is coming up on April 18th, the energy we are currently in involves the shedding of old layers.  Old patterns of thought. This process can get the mind reeling, but we are luckily surrounded by all the “helping hands” we need. Help that comes in a variety of ways. For example, as healing crystals, healing plants

Today’s pick, amber, is one of my favorites. (Though, technically it isn’t a crystal.)

Amber has been with me since I was a child.
I used to take long walks on the beach alongside my grandpa who had a special relationship with this beautiful material. He would always be able to find amber whilst others (myself included) would look for it to no avail. Somehow, it came to him naturally.
Anyways, I got my first amber ring around twelve. My grandma bought it for me at a small store where my parents has their summerhouse. The store, and the owner, is still there though the owner has aged a bit since.
I think the amber, that her house is full of, has a very positive, stimulating effect on longevity. I ascribe it as one of the reasons for her high age. =)

Speaking of amber and age, amber is good for healing arthritis since amber has a very “warm” energy. It stimulates the blood flow, opens up stiffness around the joints and is basically a “soother”.
It also has the ability to calm the mind if in a uproar. Therefore it’s perfect in the energy of a waning moon.

If you are working with affirmations, the affirmation: “I find balance and peace in my life” is good when working with amber.




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