The Essential Interviews – an introduction.

From the back cover on "The Essential Interviews: Dylan On Dylan"

From the back cover of the book “The Essential Interviews: Dylan On Dylan”

Back in December I had an idea about creating a series of interviews.

The idea has kept coming back during the past few months, which is always a sign to me to act upon whatever idea it is.
So… finally I’ve taken the leap and reached out to people who inspire me!

Originally, the idea (and the title) =) came to me one afternoon as I was sitting in my bedroom, doing nothing in particular. Staring into the backs of books resting on our book shelf. My eyes rested on one books’ “behind” in particular;  The Essential Interviews: Dylan On Dylan.

Something within me began to stir and over time it developed into the thought of doing a series of interviews with women on creativity and art.

My first interviewee (!) is the lovely, inspiring creative, Miss Sandra Lundin. Tune in later this month to find the interview with her.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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