An ohoy ! And something about a blogger-meetup.


Ohoy from the Baltic sea!  I was planning on publishing a postcard from Finland, but the internet here on the ship seems to be a little hesitant when I ask to upload my images. So… a post for tomorrow instead.

I mentioned briefly in my dreams for April-post, that I was going to a blogger-meetup with the Better Bloggers network. Now, that is happening tomorrow evening and I’m really excited to see what such a night offers. I’m especially looking forward to saying hi to Sandra Lundin of (and probably many other inspiring beings), to exploring the castle and simply being there.

To give a short intro of Better Bloggers it is a network that has been started by Linda Hörnfelt (hope I spelled it right), who’s vision behind the network is “to create the best conditions possible for bloggers who live and work in Sweden.” Tuesday night’s event is the first event and takes place in Stockholm. (The only thing one has to do to get an invitation is to become a member of Better Bloggers – which is free!)  If you’re interested in learning more – or perhaps get inspiration to starting something similar where you are, take a look at

Happy Monday!



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