Creativity: The Artists’ Workshop


The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron


I’m really excited to share an idea that turned into a creativity workshop, launched earlier this week on (I’ve also had thoughts about making it into an e-Workshop, but haven’t come to the point of actualizing that idea yet.) This workshop has come about through my own work with and through the ”The Artist’s Way” book/course.

Below you’ll find a snippet of the workshop content from the version. Click on the link above if you’d like to see the rest :).

The Artists’ Workshops.

As a recovering artist (recovering from self-doubt, self-destruction etc.) I’d like to invite other creatively starved souls to partake in this 12-week workshop program.  Consider it a community, an AA , for budding as well as “established” artists. J

What: this is a series of creativity workshops for anyone who’d like to increase their connection to – or rediscover – their own natural creativity.

Where: Mellanrummet, Hälsans Hus, Stockholm.  (This might be subject to change according to room availability and number of participants.)

When: start date and introduction is Monday May 4th 2015 @ 18.30-20.30. We’ll have a two-hour workshop every week, where we meet to discuss the previous week’s readings, exercises, experiences. The workshop is thought to be a sacred space, a community, for like-minded creatives.
The workshops will, usually, take place on Monday evenings. Workshop/course end-date: July 27th 2015…

Otherwise, for my part, now it’s out into the sunshine with Saari to do a little re-planting of the tomato-sprouts! Have a wonderful Thursday!



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