Glimpses from a blogger meetup.

On Tuesday, as written here, I went to my first blogger-meetup “in real life”. It was Linda Hörnfeldt that was in charge of the meet. She is also the operating force behind the Better Blogger’s network .

Walking through the door to “The Castle” on Slotsbacken 8 here in Stockholm, I felt nervousness rise up in my body as it always does when I take on a challenge and venture outside my comfort zone.
In the room, as I walked in, were already a few people.
I was greeted by Linda as well as Emma from, that co-organized the meet. Lots of ambrosia were ready for the hungry and thirsty. 🙂

During the two-hour meetup I got to know three new bloggers a little better: Therese, who blogs about sport/health, Annika who blogs about “wellness for the whole family” and Tine who blog about photography and makeup.

Annika, Tine, me and Therese @ Tuesday's event. Photo by Tine.

Annika, Tine, me and Therese @ Tuesday’s event. Photo by Tine.

After the event was over, we went to Kungsträdgården to have a look a the cherry trees in bloom, by suggestion of Annika. And what a wonderful idea! Such a beautiful sight and a great ending to a great day.

Tine was so thoughtful to take a few pictures of each of us under the cherry blossoms. So with this picture I say:

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!






7 thoughts on “Glimpses from a blogger meetup.

  1. It was really nice to meet you, hopefully we can meet up another time! I’m also extremely grateful that you posted a link to my website. Thank you!

    • Hey Pernilla! Cool, that you liked reading about the bbmeet😀. I see you blog yourself – are you attending the bbconference in June? Yes, I’ve listened to a couple of the podcasts myself; I also enjoy many of the articles/blogposts on bb. 🙏

      • Yes I do, have been blogging since 2009. Well, are not professional so most likley not attending. Was doing my master theisis in 2009 about how companies can imporve their customer relationships with social media and after that I like to keep updated within the field of SM development.

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