The Essential Interviews: Sandra Hjort.


The lovely first interviewee is Miss Sandra Hjort. A blogger, podcast’er, soon to be cultural coordinator of Karlsborg municipality, Sweden, and a simply wonderful being.

I first came across Sandra’s blog by “coincidence” sometime the previous fall. I immediately got hooked on her beautiful, light photographs and her open, welcoming vibe that comes through on her blog as well as in real life.
I think I read through almost all the archive on her blog the weekend I found it. I’d found a resonance. It turned out that she has a very strong creative urge (the many posts she can accomplish in a week – phew! Fortunately, this isn’t a race. 😉 ), so she was the first name that came to my mind when I was brainstorming who to interview for this series.
Without further ado may I present…. Sandra Lundin:

Please share your thoughts on the meaning of creativity and of the meaning of art (i.e. what is creativity/art to you?). This may sound self absorbed but it’s not something I think about. Creative is something that I am and the meaning of art is in everything that I do. I am not an artist per se and I don’t feel like I have to make pieces to state what I feel or believe, it is almost the other way around. Everything that I create and that I do is connected to what I feel at the moment, it is pure therapy and it is my best friend. It’s a tiny little creature that lives in my chest and I have to take care of it just as much as it takes care of me. It’s everything and it’s nothing at the same time. I really wish I could say that creativity and art is a way for me to slowly change the world but it’s purely something I need to be doing to keep breathing.

How do you express your creativity?  It would be easy to say that I sit down with a DIY-project or something similar but the truth is that whatever I do, I DO it. I don’t just have plants at home, I do everything I can to keep them alive and happy. I don’t just cook food I create something for me to enjoy.  For me, creativity is being productive, energetic and getting the most out of every day. I do things and I do them with all of my heart.

Do you have any thoughts on being a woman and a creative/artist? The fact that I express my creativity through my blog has given me nothing but positive thoughts on being a woman in this segment. I feel strong and confident about the fact that I´m a woman among thousands of other creative souls in this business. And the fact that it is so strictly run by girls has given me even more to think about than before I started my blog. I have learned more about gender equality in a year than I’ve ever done before but I have also felt that it’s been hard for me to be proud of the fact that I run a blog. When talking to strangers about it I tend to giggle as I mention it and I think that is a product of it being a universe that belongs to a lot of girls. It would probably be a different thing if there were thousands of men running successful blogs as a part of their job.

What has been the most challenging experience in regards to finding or expressing your creativity and how did you get through it? It has always been the fact that I put a lot of pressure on myself. I want to do things right the first time I try it and if it doesn’t go as planned I might as well quit immediately. And that’s pretty much the dumbest thing anybody has ever thought; that they could do everything on the very first try. This is something that I’m constantly working on and I talk about it a great deal in my podcast. The fact that there are a lot of successful women out there that suffers from the very same thing has helped me more than I thought. The other thing is to just follow through with stuff. Whenever I feel like I want to quit and start crying I just tell myself that this is exactly what I need to practice. This gives me a lot of strength to keep carrying on and it usually turns out great or really, really bad. And so what if it’s bad? At least I tried and now I know what to do different the next time around.


What are you most grateful for? Wow, a lot of things. I am grateful for the never ending support from home and my loved ones. I am grateful for being born in a part of the world where I am considered being one of those (edt.) with the lowest incomes and STILL have the best life I can imagine. I have no money and I still get to do pretty much everything that I want to, I still have a huge apartment and food in my fridge. How privileged is that! But I am also very grateful for being a person who feels that I learn from every mistake. I mean, sure everybody does but I don’t feel like I’ve failed if I want to quit something. I have been through a lot of tough shit and I still feel grateful for having to deal with stuff like that. I grow as a person everyday no matter what I do – how could that count as a failure?

If you could have a conversation with any being, dead or alive, with whom or what would it be and what would you discuss?
Okay, so I’ve thought about this question for two whole days and I can’t believe that I say this but probably myself. Ha ha, just the thing Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory would say but it is the truth. I would love to talk to myself like I was someone else (hello Bright Eyes reference) just to see more of how I am as a person. I would like to find out what I actually believe when it comes to a lot of stuff, I would like to see if I could inspire myself to make even more of my life. Boy, would it be a disappointment if I hated myself…

Do you have anyone who are an inspiration to you? Please share.
Oh, yes! I get inspired by a great deal of people and mostly it’s just random people and their everyday stories. Feelings are pretty much what I feed off. Like the other week I heard a mother of two cry in the basement of our house as she was folding her laundry. Her husband came down and was so freaking silly that she just burst out in laughter and that scene (I only heard it but still) was so beautiful to me.

But if you want examples I’ve got some of them too:
Elise Blaha Cripe is the master of goal setting and getting things done. Her creative mind gets me every time. The way Jonna Jinton changed her life is super inspiring, the way James Frey write is amazing and how Hannah & Amanda does business kicks ass.

What is your next project? (If you don’t mind sharing).
I am currently thinking about writing a book but haven’t  started yet because it still needs to get bigger in my head before I put it on paper.  But it will be about the same things that I talk about in my podcast. Oh, I am also stepping up a notch with my blog and can’t really share more than that right at the moment but you’ll find out eventually!

Thank you, Sandra! As always – it was a pleasure. 



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