Natural Brushes – a DIY artwork project.

Spring Day

At the lake in Finland in April.

I had a little DIY-artwork-project come to me one afternoon in Finland, that I felt like sharing. It seems the essence of it fits perfectly with the energy of today.


I’d collected some dried moss on a morning before we headed out for a trip into the city. I’d kind of forgotten about it until a sunny Saturday, where my fiancé Ninos had taken Saari for a trip to see his uncle and grandma at the house a 20-minute walk away. I’d stayed behind as I’d felt like just enjoying my own company for a little.

After lunch I had coincidentally gazed at the moss, and had had the idea of trying it out as a natural brush. But did I have anything to paint on?

Actually I did, yes.  I’d taken my sketching paper, that I haven’t used for ages, with me.

Canvas aka sketching paper.

Canvas aka sketching paper. And tripod. =)

But what about paint?

I remembered the leftover frozen-pack of blueberries that I’d had to throw as they were only good for one day in the fridge (and now they’d been sitting for at least three). I could use the juice from them for paint! Natural paint and natural brushes – what more could one want? =)

So I took the “brushes”, the “paint” and the “canvas” to the little bridge and started to experiment with the berry juice, the moss-brushes and quickly found that I wanted to try other brushes out. Some small cones, a piece of rock, a twig, a different kind of moss… I learned that the dried moss wasn’t that good for a brush – it was too dry, so I found a denser, different kind of moss then and found that the moistness was essential, so I went to dip the dried moss in the thawing lake and then got a better effect…

Natural Brushes: small cones, a rock and some different kinds of moss.

Natural Brushes: small cones, a rock and some different kinds of moss.

Work in trogress... "Art is a process..."

Work in progress… “Art is a process…”

And I love this – the learning as you go; becoming one with the creative flow. A flow that can only occur when you give yourself over to the process, stop thinking and just follow your intuition.

After working “hard”, time for a coffee-break.

Homemade pineapple cake, sunshine and  coffee on the porch. Bliss!

Homemade pineapple cake, sunshine and coffee on the porch. Bliss! (By this, Ninos and Saari were back).

Peeling of Layers.

Inspiration – changing skin.

The End Result

The End Result – but it really is all about the process…

After finishing the coffee-break, I put the little artwork, that so many things had helped create, on the mantle in the cabin. As a little ode to art, to nature and to the guides of inspiration.

And to remind myself, on days like today, that art and creativity is about the process of creating, it’s about living in that beautiful flow.

Happy Monday!

The End Result 3


2 thoughts on “Natural Brushes – a DIY artwork project.

  1. Answer: Mhm doesn’t it sound great? I’d love some of that right now… I wouldn’t mind being outside in the sun here either, with coffee and a book or some wood whittling. But nooo the weather is bad Or the sun is out but it’s so darn windy the coffee blows out of the cup. I’ve started to answer all your questions by the way but some do need some serious thinking 😉

    • Oh yes… sounds like a dream. A very pleasant one. However, I’d love to see the coffee blowing out of the cup – the wind is an amazing creature. 🙂 Oh wonderful, Rania, I actually was thinking about that – the interview – today. Yeah, I know some of the questions are best thought of with a warm drink and a good deal of time. Perhaps good for a windy day like today? 🙂

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