Three Wonderful Things – tips and musings.

Today I thought I’d share some wonderful things, that has filled me with inspiration, joy, excitement… during the last couple of weeks.

1) My sister sent me a link to this Stephen Hawking holographic speech; and I absolutely love it. How he makes something like theoretical physics simple to understand. (Not to mention the hologram!? How cool is that?)
As Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it to a twelve-year old, you haven’t quite understood it yourself.”
Mr. Hawking, I salute you. And I admit to having an intellectual crush on you.

2) After taking a trip down Route 66 in 2014, I stumbled upon  The Joyful Telepathy Podcast by Kate Sitka. I refound it last week; it is a different kind of podcast. Very inspiring. Go take a look if you fancy.

3) Speaking of roadtripping, when we were in Finland in April, we came across the 2002 movie “Interstate 60”. It’s about a young man (played by James Marsden) who faces the choice between studying law or following the path of being an artist.

I really enjoyed watching it – but perhaps that is also because it hit home for me? It hit into a dilemma I found myself in. 🙂


Photo from here.


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