A deep-rooted tiredness.

As soon as the full moon had passed, on the night to Monday, I found myself in this “dissolving” energy. My body was feeling it very clearly too, slowing down and readjusting to the new energy.

Then, on Tuesday I woke up, feeling like I’d run a marathon and a cold had crept up on me, too. As this tiredness is still sitting in my body, along with the cold, I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t my body recalibrating, getting rid of “the old” and adjusting to the new?

It also seems that a lot of tension has left my body – tension I wasn’t even aware off. (I felt this very clearly around the abdomen, lower abdomen that is related to breathing and how/if we are centered in this world.)

However… now… my fingers feel heavy on the keyboard, and I think this is all for today… I’m off to bed for a rest.



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