A Rainy Sunday – thoughts and a short video.

It’s raining outside.

Droplets collide with the metallic windowsill and give off a distinct sound.

It’s funny; when it rains not only does the Earth get refreshed, my soul does too. But what does it mean to have a soul? Or to be a soul, I wonder? When I first experienced the effect of, say, water, on one’s spirit, not only on the physical level of body, but the ethereal body, I was stunned. How come no one talked of this? Why had no one ever told me you could feel this? Perhaps, I came to realize, few people actually experience it. And what a pity.

Sensing the energy of rain against one’s soul – one’s spiritual body – is like seeing a drop of rain  hitting the surface of a still lake. It sets it into motion. In this case, it sets sensations of pure joy, ripples of pure light and well-being, rushing through one’s soul by the mere encounter with the rain. How wonderful it must be to be a lake.
How wonderful it is to be a human. 🙂




One thought on “A Rainy Sunday – thoughts and a short video.

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