Ode to the comfort of coffee in the morning.

Picture from Foodie's Feed.com

Picture from Foodie’s Feed.com

The thermostat on the coffee machine clicks on.

It’s this little sound that is the whole reason I keep it turned on.
No matter if I’m having a cup of coffee or not.

I find the sound comforting. Cozy. It’s a sound that reminds me of living rooms where time passes through, slowly. Living rooms with crocheted table-cloths, woolen rugs, warm sweaters… It sings of villages in the countryside, where life has a different pace. It tells of old men and women sitting around, chatting about everything and nothing. It reminds me of a place, a state of mind, where there is time for everything. No rush, no worry. Just being…

Like now, in this living room, in this city.
Like now,  in other living rooms, in other cities.


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