Adjusting your schedule to your energy cycle.

Moon Calendar 2015, bought through Lauren Spencer King's website.

Moon Calendar 2015, bought through Lauren Spencer King’s website.

At the beginning of this year I bought myself a moon calendar. I know, I know. Hocus-pocus, you think. Or at least that was my own prejudice through many years. A very convenient one, too, as it prevented me from actually taking an honest look at for example astrology and my own true interests.

Since I bought it, I’ve started noting down the quarter moons, the full moons and new moons. To try to be more aware of the energy of the stages, as I’ve written about here, herehere and here.

On Monday I realized that I had – or have – in fact become centered enough to pinpoint exactly when the shifts occur. (Which is pretty mind-blowing in itself!)

I had noted that the last quarter moon would fall on Tuesday, but it turned out it was actually a little after noon (GMT+1) on Monday that it occurred.

I had gone to sit in the forest with Saari. We’d been sitting there for a little when, suddenly, I felt a “drop” in energy. There was no apparent reason other than a more general shift, meaning on a larger scale, to a “slower pace”. Later that day, I checked the time when the moon would enter its last quarter in this cycle. And, it turned out, my body had not been lying.

You might be feeling, as I do, a decrease in energy toward doing “outward” things. I’ve found that this will increase up until the new moon. The energy that we’re in at the moment, I’ve also found, is better suited for “inward work”. Reflecting, writing… this sort of work.

So my advice is: treat yourself well, get enough rest, drink water and eat light (digestion slows down along with this slower energy). Do only as much as you need to do; that is enough. Take this time for reflection, for clearing out old thoughts and shedding old habits. Perhaps try to freshen up your living quarters; buy a new plant, repot an old one, hang up a beloved painting, photograph , drawing or something else that speaks to you.
This is what I will do. 🙂

Adjust your schedule to your energy rather than forcing your energy to fit your schedule – which doesn’t work in the long run.


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