Doing the work… songwriting.

Songwriting-session. Photo taken with IPhone 5sProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Songwriting-session. Photo taken with IPhone 5sProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset.

On Thursday afternoon last week I sat down on our porch with a book I’d recently bought – a biography of the 1970’s Danish singer/songwriter, Trille.

I didn’t really feel like reading the book back-to-back (I rarely do these days) so I just started flipping through it. Coincidentally, I landed on a page that talked about the songwriting process and it seemed to be speaking into the “problem” I found myself in. To try to get the song that wants out, out. This passage mirrored my own experience:  (loosely translated from Danish):

“To me it (the songwriting process, edt.) is a question of emptying oneself for everything else so a space opens up, where the song can materialize. It’s hard work – as with an intricate needlework of hundreds of colors that has to make up a whole and have meaning and an independent life. There can’t be a kitchen in the background, stacked with dirty dishes. No washing machine that hasn’t been emptied. All of that need to go!

… A song can start with a simple phrase or a piece of melody. When that process has started it’s just to hold on. Shut everything else out…”  

Which I guess is what I need to to.

The idea of sitting down to work on the song that revealed a little bit of itself, in a snippet of sound, in December 2014 has come back so many times, so perhaps it is time to get to work. 🙂



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