Glimpses from a journey home.


Yesterday I got on the plane heading to Denmark. Whilst here I have a lot of different things planned. Most has to do with our upcoming wedding on the 4th of July; dress fitting, cake tasting (yum!), going to the hairdresser… All good things!
But as for today, I started off by biking to my  grandma’s house to clean.  She’s a wonderful, almost 90-year-old wise woman, whom I have always had a special relationship with. I guess, in some ways, we are very alike. 🙂
Taking a break from cleaning, I asked her if I could take a look into her upstairs sewing-den that holds fabrics she’s collected through decades. My errand was to search for fabric for a summer skirt. I was granted permission, but, she said, she didn’t think there was anything long and wide enough for a long skirt. She was right. But I found something else – a piece of fabric that would be perfect for a summer blouse (though the material would be best suited for cooler days or evenings). So I asked her if I could take it home for the purpose of creating a blouse. “Of course”, she said.


Treasures of the day: the fabric my grandma gave me, fresh Danish strawberries and chocolate that I bought on my bikeride in the morning. I left half of the “harvest” at my grandma’s for her enjoyment<3

After finishing my cleaning routine and chatting a little with my grandma, I headed off to my parents house again to take Monsieur Holger for a walk. It had cleared up a little since morning, where it had been windy and a drizzle had accompanied my bike ride. Now, the sun was coming through the clouds. Walking beneath the big trees in the little park close to the house was soothing for the soul. It was warm, almost summery.

Afterwards, Holger and I played a little in the garden, then…


…he found a small log to chew on in the shade underneath the garden table. And I found some string lights that needed batteries (for wedding celebration decoration), a soda and a newspaper…

IMG_0977 IMG_0978

The rest of the day will be more of the “batteries-into-string-lights” project as well as simply being. Perhaps taking a look at what ideas I can come up with for the design of the blouse. But – it will have buttons, that much I know. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!




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