Interior Inspiration

Sometime last week I was searching Pinterest (I’ve only just discovered it:) ) for interior inspiration for our coming new home. (Though, we haven’t actually found it yet, but it’s always good to dream and visualize…)
These are some of the images that inspired me:


I love this still-life! The black and white photograph from the desert… the warm color of the wood, the felt hat…


This image is from the artist Georgia O’Keefe’s home in New Mexico. I love the shapes, the textures and – again – the simplicity.



This one I had to add just because of the light. One day I hope to have a home (with a studio) that has this kind of light. The neutral color is also soothing to me. 🙂


I guess the keywords are: simplicity, wood, earthy colors and good lighting. A New Mexican home in a Scandinavian interpretation. 🙂

If you feel like having a look at the rest of my “New Home”-pins, take a look here. Otherwise, have a great weekend!


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