On learning versus knowledge.

Cover from Krishnamurti's Notebook.

Cover from Krishnamurti’s Notebook.

As I was lying in bed yesterday, I read a passage (this seems to be the topic of the week – sharing book-passages) in “Krishnamurti’s Notebook”. It shed light on a very relevant topic: learning versus knowledge. So I thought I’d share this today:

“Learning about yourself is never the same as accumulating knowledge about yourself. Learning is active present and knowledge is the past; if you are learning in order to accumulate, it ceases to be learning; knowledge is static, more can be added to it or taken away from it, but learning is active, nothing can be added or taken away from it for there is no accumulation at any time. …
Learning is seeing.
Seeing is perverted and so there is no actual seeing, when there is choice, always based upon like and dislike. There is no seeing then what actually is, the fact, when in seeing there is choosing. You are the accumulated result of the many thousand centuries of man, his hopes and desires, his guilts and anxieties, his beliefs and gods, his fulfillments and frustrations; you are all that and more additions made to it in recent times. Learning about all this, deep down and on the surface, is not mere verbal or intellectual statements, of the obvious, the conclusions. learning is the experiencing of these facts, emotionally and directly; to come into contact with them not theoretically, verbally, but actually, like a hungry man.”

– from Krishnamurti’s Notebook, p. 148-149.


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