Three tips for writing.

I’ve been radio silent for some days now, and as summer is here, I feel like I want to spend more time outdoors and “in real life” rather than sit too much in front of the computer. So, I think for now, I’ll return to my three posts a week – at least until summer vacation. After that, we’ll see how it goes. (Of course, I hope you’ll still stop by).

In the previous days I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about writing. This, because I’m in the middle of number nth edit of a novel I wrote three years back. 😉 I’ve been wondering about the right time to stop – otherwise I fear it will never be done, the novel. And so, knowing where to focus is what the first tip is about:


Borrowed from here.

Sometimes, in creative endeavors, I can get a little too focused on getting “to the end result” – which doesn’t really exist. It’s about the process… but I do sometimes lose myself and get caught up in my mind. That is when I need to remember to breathe, to eat well, do something different for a little while. Do something that makes me smile, loosens me up, refocuses me on the present. And so, borrowed from Orchard Writing, I wanted to share a tip that made me smile. A little story about remembering ones well-being: When all else fails: oatmeal.

And the last tip is more of a little “don’t give up on your dreams”- tip, also found at Orchard Writing. It’s a list of rejections. To illustrate, C.S. Lewis, who’s on the list, was rejected over 800 times before he sold a single piece of writing!

I’ve learned that art (and writing) does and must hold its on value. It’s when we begin to measure it in monetary value that we lose track, I think.

Happy writing!




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