10 Dreams for June…

Even though we’re more than halfway through June, I still want to do my regular “10 Dreams for…”-post. 🙂

Regarding my 10 Dreams for May, I actually had them all come true. Even my dream of Paris  I managed to get a little closer to; taking a trip later this year with a friend of mine. At least, we talked about it.

For June, I dream about:

1. Partaking in the Swedish “midsommar” activities tomorrow, Friday June 19th.
2. Getting some moving boxes, as we will have to start getting ready  to move to Gotland and get all our stuff (or just the bare essentials) packed.
3. buying these Swedish Hasbeens for myself:
Swedish Hasbeens

4. create this delicious cake with strawberries and rhubarbs. Just because.



Photo borrowed from Emily Salomon (here).

5. Researching spas and booking a wedding make-up session, so I know how/what I want to do make-up wise for our wedding in July. ❤
6. getting a group of girlfriends together and take a trip to Grøn Koncert – I’d love to listen to L.O.C., Oh Land and Tina Dickow.
7. finding a morning gift to give my fiancé on the first morning of our marriage. Any ideas?
8. (buying and) slipping into this kimono  in creamy yellow from love warriors on sunny summer mornings and evenings.
9. hugging and kissing my sister, who’ll be back from Cambridge when my fiancé and I get to Denmark at the end of June.
10. on the 29th of July, we’ll pack up our old Ford, head out on the highway and set the course for Denmark and our upscoming wedding on the 4th of July…




2 thoughts on “10 Dreams for June…

  1. Are you moving to Gotland full time, or just for the summer? I’ve always wanted to go there.. And also, you’re getting married soon?! IIh! Congratulations!

    • Hi Rania!
      Yea! A comment! Thanks. 🙂 Well, we were planning on moving there full time, but it seems plans have changed a bit. (More on why at a later time;) ) But it is a very beautiful place, Gotland. It has a very special – and calming – energy. Yes – getting married next Saturday – yikes! And thanks. It is very exciting and I’m really looking forward to the party; to have all of our friends and family there to celebrate with us. ❤ (Btw, haven't forgotten your email – but everything at its own time. ) Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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