New Moon: wishing + reflections.

New Moon

New Moon. Photo from USNO, borrowed from here.

Today a new moon occurs – and as usual, this is a good time to do some wishing.

Also, I thought I’d share some reflections that have come up for me in the recent days as we’ve been nearing this new moon.
Now, new moons (as I think I have touched upon before) – or when we are moving toward them – are always a time where the veil between the conscious and the subconscious become much thinner. As it does when we move toward the full moon – however, waning moons have a different quality of energy as opposed to waxing moons. If you start to observe your dreams, you’ll be able to tell, from the character of them, when we are approaching a new moon and when we are approaching a full moon. Try it out; grab a notebook and note down whatever you remember of your nightly dreams. You’ll notice that the more you begin to do this inner work, to work with your dreams, the more your dreams will reveal and help you to loosen “energy clogs”.
One can use dreams (the nightly versions) for the sake of healing (patterns of thought, old beliefs and limitations) and bringing to light what has been in darkness.

Happy New Moon wishing!


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