This and that…

I had big plans for my blogging this week, but it turned out differently. That’s how it goes sometimes…

My body feels very heavy and slow today, so I resorted to baking chocolate muffins (after a run with my husband – weird to use that word!) and think I will make a pot of tea to go with one of those muffins.

But, before I log out and leave this virtual world on its own, I wanted to share a pic from our wedding in the beginning of July.

It was such a beautiful day; everything was working for us. The weather, the party, the food…. Our guests. 🙂
We got married in my parents garden and everything was better than I’d imagined. And a big part of the honor  I owe my parents. My mother, who organized everything, decorated, hired a bartender… etc. as well as my dad, who worked his socks off weeding out the garden, trimming the bushes, mowing the lawn…).  Thank you so much, everyone who was there and everyone who helped out – for making it a magical day!


For very long, I have wanted to own a VW bus  (1950’s model here) and so my parents had arranged for one to come pick us up after the ceremony, to take us for a little drive… And here we were, having  some pictures taken at the beach… Beach guests and tourists alike had a smile on their faces. ❤





2 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. Oh we want a VW bus too! That one looks so nice! What a lovely thing your parents did, and how nice it sounds with a garden wedding. I do hope we get to see more photographs later. Congratulations, glad to hear your big day was good with the weather and everything! 😀 Hugs

    • Hi Rania! Yes, VW buses are great! =) Though, a little more interesting to drive than what I thought. (This one was very sensitive on the gas pedal. =) ) Yeah, they are amazing people – very giving and loving. ❤ I will get more images from our photographer in the family later on… Perhaps I'll upload a couple then. =) And thank you! ❤

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