Full (blue) moon and a herbal bath.


Lavender and rose.

Tomorrow, on the 31st of July, we have a full moon. This one is a blue moon, so called when two full moons occur in the same month.

Energetically, I’ve learnt this week (both theoretically and practically) that a blue moon has a very strong energetic impact on us. (Supposedly, 12 times  a normal full moon! That’s some power!) This, whether we notice it or not.

Since the previous Friday/Saturday when the first quarter moon occurred, I’ve been having A LOT of restless/nervous energy. I’ve felt “forced” to slow down – which hasn’t been with my good will (thus creating more struggle within myself… but sometimes that’s how we learn best. 🙂  ) But… I have tried my best to roll with the energy. Which has also meant that I didn’t have much energy to spend in an outward direction. Therefore, very few blog-posts and the second part of the review that I promised last week, will be postponed.

Tomorrow, on the eve of the full blue moon, I’ve decided to do a little self-care as my way of celebrating and honoring myself and the work that is currently taking place on a deeper level. A herbal bath. Consisting of rose petals and lavender,  put into the bath water, perhaps adding some sea salt for re-energizing the spiritual body as well as the physical.

Do you have any full moon rituals you’d like to share?

Happy full blue moon!




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