At the library.

Books on shelves at my home-town library in Esbjerg.📖

Since I was a child, the library has always been my second home. All those books, voices and stories… and in one place.

For me it’s always been a place to get lost, to fall in love and to explore… new tales, new worlds and, ultimately, myself. 

So, after my hair-dresser’s appointment today, I went to the town centre (of Esbjerg, my birthplace, where we’re celebrating Christmas) to find a place to sit and work on an assignment that needs to be handed in later this week. However, I found the cafes I’d had in mind over-crowded and buzzing with the stressful energy of last-minuts Christmas shopping. So I decided to set the course for the library – my home away from home. My oasis. No matter where I am. 

But this one in particular feels like slipping on a warm coat, known and worn, filled with scents and memories of years gone by. A place for the soul to rest.

Originally, my plan was to sit there and work (on the before-mentioned assignment) but instead I found myself drawn into a mood of just… being. Observing. Breathing. Soaking in muttled words, humming from books on endless shelves. 


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